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What is Natural Dentistry?

August 5, 2014

Natural dentistry is just another word for holistic or biological dentistry. It's based on the idea that the body should be treated as a whole, not by it's parts. This is why holistic dentistry is also sometimes called whole body dentistry.

A natural dentist knows that the mouth is connected to the body and takes great effort to not introduce toxins into the body. When it's unavoidable, such as during an amalgam removal, Vitamin-c treatment is used to capture free radicals.

X-rays and fluoride treatments should always be optional at a natural dentist. Dr. Reese does use x-rays, but they are low-radiation and you can always opt-out if you wish. He doesn't use fluoride by default, but you can opt-in if you wish.

When alternative, biomimetic treatments are available, a natural dentist will prefer to use those over more invasive treatments. Examples include using ozone therapy to disinfect and air abrasion instead of drilling - both are pain-free.

A natural dentist may also recommend dental implants over a more traditional bridge or dentures because of how it builds up the structures of the mouth rather than wearing them down. Dental implants are maintained like normal teeth.

Natural dentist offices may also include probiotics and other supplements. Dr. Reese, a natural dentist, offers a wide variety of natural dental products from Tooth and Gums Tonic to Advanced Naturals probiotics to Skinny Coconut Oil.

If you're in the Indianapolis area and in need of a natural dentist who practices holistic dentistry, consider Dr. Reese. He's a general dentist who does everything from dental implants to oral surgery to orthodontics in a safe, caring environment.