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"Everything we do speaks about who we are and how we've prepared ourselves and our office for the Benefit and Comfort of those who've TRUSTED us with their care and well being."

-Dr. Ted Reese and staff

Calming Fears and Creating Smiles

A comprehensive and integrative dental practice

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Dr. Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD, NMD

Dr. Ted Reese is an experienced, accomplished, and caring Indianapolis dentist.

Dr. Reese is awarded in Implant care and Comprehensive, Cosmetic dentistry which allows him to restore life like natural smiles even for those who are missing their own teeth.

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Comfort Dentistry to Promote Whole-Body Health

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we continually seek ways to improve our skills, knowledge and service for the benefit of our patients. We want our patients to be confident and comfortable throughout their treatment. Our careful attention instills trust and relieves anxiety about going to the dentist.

Indianapolis Dentistry Staff

Full Mouth Reconstructions

Full mouth reconstruction or restoration can return all of your teeth and rebuild a natural-looking smile. If you have lost some or all of your teeth due to tooth decay, trauma, injury, fractured teeth, severely worn teeth, full mouth reconstruction can give you that perfect smile.

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A Makeover You'll Remember

When someone isn’t happy with their smile, you can tell. Let our dentists at Indianapolis Dentistry help restore your confidence and creating a lasting smile you’ll never forget.

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Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Problem: This man was always fearful of coming to the dentist. Along with long term nighttime grinding and oral health neglect, he envisioned a new and improved smile.

Teeth before receiving implants and dental bridge

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Solution: Utilizing intravenous sedation, we removed the four front teeth and placed two implants while creating a temporary smile during the healing phase. Crowns were placed on #6 and #11 (canines), and a non-removable bridge was cemented to the implants spanning across the front creating this beautiful smile. Thank you for trusting us in transforming your smile and improving your overall health and wellness!

After receiving implants

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Problem: This charming lady had a life long fear of dental care and visits. She has always wanted a beautiful smile that reflected her nature and personality, but couldn’t face her fears to receive the desired care.

After image of cosmetic dental procedure

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Solution: Being able to utilize Intravenous sedation and accomplish multiple needs in one visit we were able to transform her smile, restore healthy teeth and eliminate the gum disease in 3 extended visits!


Problem: Despite her ‘cuteness’, this young lady has several compromises to her smile and a severely limited ability to bite and chew. effectively.  Her permanent teeth were crowded to the point that she only had four molars barely occluding (touching)at the start of her treatment.


Solution: One of her underlying problems was a retained tongue thrust swallowing pattern that caused the separation and crowding of her front teeth. Retraining her tongue thrust and establishing a new swallowing pattern help to resolve her smile and function while establishing a great smile to compliment the rest of her face!  All this was done with avoiding the removal of permanent teeth which would have been an option for many practitioners, but one Dr. Reese tries to avoid at all costs.



Before braces



Rose after image


Initial Smile: Orthodontic alignment failed to make up for the tooth size discrepancy, resulting in a smile that lacked to project the personality that existed with this young man.


Solution: Porcelain veneers custom fabricated allowed a transformed smile to happen in 3 visits.  These veneers are durable yet beautiful thin porcelain restorations that only required minimal alteration to the underlying tooth to allow appropriately sized and shaped individual teeth.  A beautiful and natural smile is possible with the appropriate skill and attention to detail.

Chipped Tooth

Before: Every women’s nightmare (and many men’s too) of tripping down the stairs resulted in this lip trauma and fracture to the front tooth.  Fortunately, the nerve was not damaged nor the root fractured.  The black spots are from driveway tar!

Chipped Tooth

After: Two days later, the lip had healed enough to allow us to comfortably retract and access the tooth for single visit repair with a bonded resin filling that also mimics the natural appearance of the adjacent tooth.


Before: Function and comfort was not to be had with removable partial dentures for this young woman as she’d struggled for years with an upper and lower partial to replace her missing teeth.


After: Seven Implants placed in the upper arch, and 3 in the lower arch allowed all of her missing teeth to be securely replaced with a custom implant bridge on the upper that doesn’t move or come out, and cemented crowns and a bridge on the lower to securely and comfortably replace her teeth with the smile she’s always wanted!

Tooth Discoloration

An unfortunate slip and fall resulted in unrepairable trauma to her front tooth. The immediate discoloration resulted from bleeding into the pulp chamber

Tooth Discoloration

This photo was taken the same day the tooth was removed, a zirconia ceramic implant placed and temporized with an acrylic temporary crown so she wouldn’t have to go without a front tooth to smile with or have to wear a removable type of tooth replacement.

Tooth Discoloration

After 3 months of healing, the temporary crown was replaced with this custom porcelain crown that mimics the shade, contour, and function of the original tooth.

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Problem: This busy professional had developed gum disease resulting in undesirable tooth drift with decay and staining around existing teeth.  

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Solution: Rather than restore these compromised teeth she elected to ‘start over’ with secure implants replacing the compromised natural teeth and custom fabricate an all porcelain bridge that is permanently cemented onto implants.

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Problem: The spacing, and poor appearance of prior crowns were compounded by gum disease and ongoing drifting of her front teeth.

Cosmetic and Implant Therapy

Problem: The spacing, and poor appearance of prior crowns were compounded by gum disease and ongoing drifting of her front teeth.

Cosmetic, Periodontal and Restorative Therapy

Solution: Three implants were placed to support the new front tooth bridge resulting in a natural looking smile with all spaces closed and perfect alignment of the four ‘missing’ teeth that were replaced with a permanently placed bridge restoring comfortable chewing, smiling, and confidence!

Cosmetic, Periodontal and Restorative Therapy

Solution: Rather than restore these compromised teeth she elected to ‘start over’ with secure implants replacing the compromised natural teeth and custom fabricate an all porcelain bridge that is permanently cemented onto implants.

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February 22, 2021

Dental Implants Can Change Your Life!

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Indiana Governor Names Reese to State Board of Dentistry

An Indiana State press release on new appointments was released on October 27, 2015 by Matt Lloyd, Deputy Chief of Staff-Communications and Strategy for Governor Mike Pence.

The press release titled, “Governor Pence Names Appointments to Various Boards and Commissions”, states that Dr. Ted Reese was appointed to the State Board of Dentistry.

"This is truly an honor and a privilege. I look forward to serving the dentistry field and the state of Indiana in this capacity for the next 3 years.” —Dr. Ted Reese

Dr. Reese was appointed to serve a three-year term on the Indiana State Board of Dentistry through October 31, 2018. The state board is an Indiana Professional Licensing Agency responsible for overseeing the practice of dentistry in Indiana. This includes dental anesthesia as well as hygiene.

What People Are Saying

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Robert W.
I had some significant issues that other dentists told me they could not fix; Dr. Reese worked some miracles while making me feel right at home and I knew I would always be taken care of.
- Robert W.
Jo Anne H.
I have been a patient for about 20 years and the care that me and my children receive has kept us coming back.
- Jo Ann H.
Leette H.
I used to travel from California to Indianapolis just to see the team here at Indianapolis Dentistry. They are the best and always make you feel comfortable.
- Leette H.
Leette H.
They're going to focus on the big picture and not just your orthodontia and dental needs, but also your emotional health and your experience.
- Carla M.
Leette H.
I can't help but smile all the time. Dr. Reece definitely gave me the ability to smile again!
- Andrea P.
Leette H.
I tell people all the time you need to go see Dr. Reece. He's going to do a good job and you're going to be totally happy.
- Gary e.

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