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Adjunct Therapies Unique to Indianapolis Dentistry

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

This naturally occurring protein is the ‘lubricant’ or oil for joints and also helps to strengthen ligaments, produces smoother skin and promotes hair growth.

I originally obtained it to recommend to TMJ patients w/ joint pain and stiffness, but realized that it helps to improve function and comfort in all joints.

I’ve been taking it orally for years (twice a day) to minimize the knee, hip, and hand stiffness that occurs with ‘birthdays’!!

Ozone Tumbler

Ozone Tumbler

These ‘home use’ ozone tumblers are truly remarkable as they are self-sufficient and produce highly concentrated ozone water at home without the need of medical grade oxygen as has been needed prior to this device.

Good for sore throats (gargling application), a mouth disinfecting rinse for those with periodontal disease or implant restorations, disinfecting skin wounds, cuts and abrasions for kids and grandchildren, or cleaning and disinfecting fruit and vegetables in the kitchen are a few of the common applications.

The convenient spray bottle top adds to the versatility of its applications from a spray on to a source of ozonated water in much higher concentrations than previously available (up to 2PPM).

Tooth & Gum Tonic

Tooth & Gum Tonic

This mouth rinse is both ‘therapeutic’ for fighting and controlling gum disease and is also a great breath freshener.

I’m particularly fond of this rinse because it is so therapeutic and it doesn’t stain teeth or inhibit healing (as a chlorhexidine or peridex rinse does).   We often use it in the midst of periodontal or other oral surgery procedures for healing and disinfection.  It also doesn’t have any alcohol or fluoride component which dry the mouth leading to more decay problems.  

I ( as do many of our patients) keep the large ‘growler’ size with the pump top in my bathroom because it’s that handy and gets used so often for breath freshening and as an adjunct to good oral hygiene habits.

We use a version of the rinse to disinfect gingival inflammation during our gum therapy and maintenance recare visits.

Tooth and Gum tonic utilizes a blend of essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, red thyme as well as echinea extracts.

Vega Oral Recovery Kit

Vega Oral Recovery Kit

Many of our patients wish to eliminate or at least reduce the need for narcotic pain relief.   We have found the best solution to be this 3-part home kit of a homeopathic rinse, gel, and under the tongue spray.

This combination has proven remarkably effective for pain control for most people following most routine oral surgery procedures.  The gel is applied to the site of the surgery for topical “on site” relief, the rinse offers disinfection of the entire mouth and the surgery site without relying on alcohol-based rinses which dry the cheeks and delay healing otherwise, and the under the gum spray is a combination of homeopathic compounds very effective in pain relief without narcotic side effects.

None of these three components contain opioids, narcotics, steroids or even ibuprofen products but rely upon homeopathic remedies that bring about effective pain relief without the side effects associated with traditional pain remedies.

Instructions are to use 3x /day but I recommend usage at 6-8x /day immediately following any oral surgery procedures.

Theodent Toothpaste

Theodent Toothpaste

Despite the claims that fluoride and fluoride toothpastes are safe, effective, and a necessary ingredient for toothpastes, the contrary has been proven.

Fluoride has always been known in the medical community for its harmful effects on the human body.  Toxicity to the thyroid gland and its production of needed thyroid hormones (hence the common need for thyroid hormone replacement, ie. Synthroid), it’s interference in many enzyme processes of the body (ie. the Kreb’s cycle which produces the energy molecule of the body, ATP) and discoloration of the teeth it’s promoted to protect(fluorosis).

Theodent tooth paste is based upon the action of theobromine NOT fluoride.  This molecule was just recently, 1980’s, discovered to aid in remineralization of enamel and in doing this is also effective in ‘desensitizing’ teeth that are hypersensitive to cold, sweets, and touch.

We recommend Theodent toothpaste especially for those who have trouble with sensitive teeth.  It’s not an overnight solution, but very effective with nightly application.  

I recommend nightly use and DO NOT rinse out this tooth paste before going to bed.  Leave the paste saturate onto the enamel for best results.

CTX Remineralization Paste

CTX Remineralization Paste

Another option to help remineralize sensitive teeth and prevent the occurrence or progression of dental decay is CTX remineralization paste.  This past is also fluoride free but contains the minerals needed to make teeth and thus to remineralize teeth once they’ve been ‘de-mineralized’.

Demineralization is the initial step in tooth decay where critical amounts of minerals are dissolved from the enamel and dentin portions of the tooth.   This is a reversible condition if caught early and happens due to acidity levels in the mouth from acidic drinks (soda pop whether or not it’s DIET!) and acid producing bacteria clinging to the tooth surface.

CTX remineralization paste is composed of a nano-hydroxyapatite particle (extremely small) complex of the minerals found in teeth:  Calcium and Phosphorous.  Xylitol, a natural type of sweetener, is also a key component as it helps to prevent bacteria from ‘sticking’ to the tooth surface and neutralizes the acidity of the mouth and saliva.  Although xylitol is a sweetener isn’t doesn’t contribute to the sugars that feed bacteria as normal carbohydrates and snack foods would.

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