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Oral Surgery Center in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Dentistry, led by Ted Reese, DDS, MAGD, offers not only traditional oral surgery procedures, tooth extractions, and surgical removal of wisdom teeth, but also offers oral and dental surgery not offered in most oral surgery clinics.

Indianapolis Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Center

Dr. Reese’s over 28 years of experience will provide you with as uneventful a surgical experience as possible.  Offering traditional oral surgery procedures, with latest technology, training and experience, Indianapolis Dentistry will take great care of you.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Three and a half months ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed at Indianapolis Dentistry by Dr. Ted Reese. The procedure was very quick and painless!
The skill and professionalism from Indianapolis Dentistry gave me assurance that I would be taken care of throughout my procedure and recovery.

— Chris M.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Whether the need is for removal of a non-restorable tooth, extraction of several badly decayed teeth, preparation for dentures (immediate or conventional), or the surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth you can choose from a variety of sedation modalities to fit you need and budget.

Nitrous Oxide Gas Sedation

Laughing gas reduces anxiety with minimal lingering

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Oral Sedation/Sleep Dentistry

Anti-anxiety medication coupled with gas sedation

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Intravenous (IV) Sedation

The most adaptable and controllable sedation method

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