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Gas Sedation

Nervous and unsettled about visiting the dentist? Consider Nitrous Oxide inhalation gas for a soothing, calming effect.

Gas sedation removes anxiety and allows you to relax at your next dental appointment. Nitrous oxide is commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ and can be helpful for children and adults who are nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist. It can be used for anything from an oral hygiene cleaning to a root canal procedure. The advantage is the immediate ‘reversibility’ of the inhaled gas allowing the patient or child to return to home, work, or school with minimal lingering effects.

Gas sedation is routinely used for children’s dentistry when the child has difficulty holding still or ‘tolerating’ dental procedures. However it is also very popular among adult patients as well as a convenient and cost effective entry into sedation dentistry – as it is the least costly of all sedation procedures.

Benefits of Gas Sedation:

  • Ability to drive yourself to and from the dental appointment
  • Immediate return to a ‘clear head’ after dental procedure
  • Able to return to work, home, or errands very soon
  • No lasting ‘hangover’ effect
  • Least cost of all sedation procedures

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