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Custom Dentures

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For many patients, going to the dentist for dentures can be a new beginning!

Dr. Reese enjoys creating a deceptively natural and becoming smile that is unique to each of his many denture patients. Unlike many dentists or clinics that consider themselves ‘denture specialists’, Dr. Reese will personally create the smile and fit that is crucial to ensure a successful for outcome for the you, the patient.

Whether you are looking to replace an old, worn out denture that feels like an old shoe, but has lost it’s ability to chew food as you need, or have come to the point where you are considering a first-time denture, Dr. Reese is experienced to help you where you need it most.

Denture Options

Dentures in Indianapolis IN
  • Replacement dentures that are life-like and natural or look the same as your previous dentures only fit tighter, and chew better with new, sharper teeth.
  • Implant dentures have been a life saver for many people who’ve struggled with conventional dentures. Those who don’t have the gum or jaw structures sufficient to retain dentures in place to chew, smile, and laugh can have a dramatic improvement with the use of dental implants. Dentures can be secured in place, or replaced altogether with an implant bridge depending upon the desired outcome and financial investment.
  • First-time (immediate) dentures that are custom made prior to removing your teeth, and delivered the same day your teeth are removed. There is an obvious advantage of “not going without” your smile, and often an immediate improvement with your smile and an improved ability to chew without having to work with broken teeth or infected gums.
  • Combination dentures are useful when it’s beneficial to keep and restore some teeth.
  • Fixed bridges use a series of anchors to secure dentures without the need for unsightly and bothersome metal ‘clasps’.
  • All-on-4 implants utilizes only four implants per arch compared to traditional implants using anywhere up to eight implants to secure the denture.
  • Locator Bar Overdenture is often the treatment of choice when there are two or more implants placed. They can be placed directly after the teeth are extracted and can be upgraded to a non-removable option.
  • Mini-implant dentures are the latest, economical entry into implant dentures. These small diameter implants of the same titanium metal can be placed into function to secure an existing denture the same day they are placed. The implant placement phase usually requires no surgery or stitches, and begins to work immediately to hold your existing denture in place. Call Dr. Reese today for a consultation and evaluation for this procedure!
Dentures in Indianapolis IN

All dentures are not created equal. If you look for the lowest price, you’ll get what you pay for.
Self-fitting dentures, which are sometimes offered for “discount” prices, will not fit as well, or be made with lasting materials, or personalized craftsmanship, and generally are harder to get use to the feel as they are bigger, and don’t work (chew!) as well as custom made dentures. Dr. Reese will make sure your dentures feature premium long-wearing, low-staining teeth and high impact acrylic denture base. He personally performs the critical alignment and positioning of your teeth to create the smile that is deceptively natural and beautiful.

No one has to know you’re wearing dentures.
No one wants a denture that looks like a “denture.” Unlike old-fashioned dentures, which may look unnatural, today’s denture can be made just for you, allowing you to look and feel better without anyone knowing why. Dr. Reese has extensive experience and knowledge to select and arrange teeth in a manner that creates the warm, natural smile you seek. Dentures help you to lose that sunken look in your lower face, as well as the wrinkles around your mouth. You’ll likely look younger and smile more often.

Denture wearers can speak more clearly.
The ability to speak clearly depends on subtle interactions involving your tongue, teeth, lips, cheeks and the roof of your mouth. A denture that’s properly fitted allows all five components to work together properly.

Properly fabricated and maintained dentures shouldn’t hurt, slip, click, or whistle.

Some adjustments are to be expected when ‘breaking in’ new dentures especially for first time denture wearers. Even those who have worn dentures for years should expect some ‘newness’ and adjustments to wearing new dentures.

Many denture wearers have lost their ability to chew with dentures that they first experienced. Contrary to the conclusion that the new dentist just can’t make a good denture it can often be the compromised state of the gums and ridges that has been lost through the years of denture wear. This condition is readily solved with the use of dental implants to provide a secure and non-movable anchor to hold the dentures where they belong! Many options from merely securing a well made denture to providing a non-removable bridge of teeth that doesn’t come out and returns the chewing ability to what it hasn’t been in years.

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