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What Exactly is Holistic or Whole Body Dentistry?

February 16, 2012

Holistic, biological, or whole body dentistry is a form of integrative dentistry. Here are some of the descriptions of what integrative medicine is:

  • An appreciation and understanding of how oral health affects your whole body health whether it be the spread of bacteria present in gum disease to the heart valves which creates or aggravates heart disease, or the recognition of oral conditions, filling materials, and inadequate dental conditions that affect the well being of the jaw, TM joint, or facial muscles.
  • An ever increasing awareness of how our bodies are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made.
  • Openness to utilize holistic supplements along with allopathic or traditional medicines.
  • TMJ/Craniofacial pain remedies thru nonsurgical methods.
  • Dental dam isolation in removing mercury fillings.
  • Options to dental dams also available. Ie. isolite, Clear Vac device, Hepa filters in the operatory for removal of aerosols containing mercury during removal.
  • Latex free, nitrile gloves for a low allergenic environment Fluoride free preventative care.
  • Utilization of digital xrays for early cavity detection.
  • Laser cavity detection device for early detection of cavities before they become threatening.
  • Utilization of laser for cavity removal and gum disease treatment.
  • Treatment for Sleep apnea (with and without CPAP) to improve whole body strength and vitality, and allow the needed period of healing required for optimum living and health.