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What I've Learned From Placing Over 1000 Dental Implants

March 10, 2014
The Turning Point in Dental Implants
The Turning Point in Dental Implants

I've had the opportunity to help hundreds of people by placing and restoring well over a 1000 dental implants since I began my dental career in 1984. The time has "flown by" as those of us with the benefit of hindsight often say. What has become crystal clear throughout all this experience though is that this treatment isn't about tooth, or teeth, or even necessarily oral health as much as it is about changing lifestyles and reversing regrettable decisions or incidents. The conversion of going from conventional dentures to having teeth that are comfortable, secure, 'effective' is a turning point for many. Many of my former denture wearing patients comment that they had lost the confidence to smile, laugh, and eat in public. Even though dental implant therapy is a dental/oral procedure it is a new lease, a new start for many who have often commented, "If I could do anything over again in my life, it would have been to keep my natural teeth."

For some, this may have never been an option. For others, it was a regrettable choice or event. The important thing to realize is that it doesn't have to remain a regrettable occurrence and burden to carry with you. We have many options that can fit a variety of budgets and desires. Give us a call at 317-882-0228 for a consultation in our Indianapolis dental implant office to give you a better appreciation of the options available that could prove to be the turning point in your lifestyle and outlook to life.