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Restore Your Smile with Removable Denture Implants at Indianapolis Dentistry

March 6, 2014

Do you need to replace missing teeth or have teeth that are damaged beyond repair? Do you sometimes feel you can never get your smile back? Here at Indianapolis Dentistry, we stand by our motto: “Calming fears…creating smiles.”

You can bring your beautiful smile back. And with our varied treatment options, it maybe more affordable than you think.

Our clinic has everything a dentist needs to be able to create new teeth and bring back your smile. Dr. Reese is qualified to do oral surgery and has over 25 years of experience doing so. We have our own dental X-ray machine and our laboratory complete with our 3D printing and E4D milling unit so that you can walk out with new teeth on just a single visit.

We mean what we say that less visits mean more care from Indianapolis Dentistry. You will be provided thorough care in an efficient manner that minimizes your visits, time away from work or home, and minimal interruption to your schedule.

Removable Denture Implants – Another Alternative for Teeth Replacement

We have already extensively covered tooth replacement options before – bridges, crowns, dentures and dental implants. Now we are offering another alternative for teeth replacement: removable denture implants.

What are removable denture implants?

Removable denture implants are like dentures in a way that they are removable/movable, except they are supported and attached to dental implant structures.  These give them more stability.

Unlike dentures that rest on top of the gum line, removable denture implants snap into place on top of implant structures for a more stable hold. Like dentures, they are removable, so you can take them out for cleaning overnight.

What are the advantages of removable denture implants?

  • Regular dentures can be slip and slide while you are talking or eating and can be embarrassing. Removable denture implants are held in place by implants, making you confident about slip-ups.
  • If you are not only missing teeth but also gum and bone tissue, removable denture implants are necessary to be able to restore your smile as close to its natural state.
  • Removable denture implants are easier to clean than denture implants, which are a factor in helping you prolong your replacement teeth.
  • If you were to lose additional teeth, changes in the removable denture implants can be made without having to replace everything.
  • Removable denture implants are more affordable than dental implants but more long-lasting than dentures.

Our invitation to you

We are proud of our service and focus on our patient’s well being to provide beautiful, natural smiles with lasting tooth replacements and repairs. Experience the difference with a gentle, experienced doctor and staff who are concerned with your comfort and quality of care. Call (317) 882-0228 to make an appointment at our Indianapolis dental office, located just north of Greenwood, Indiana on US 31 in Southport.