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3d Printing Isn't New to Dentistry

December 9, 2013

The latest technology across all industries is 3D printing. In the field of dentistry and for most growing dental laboratory owners, digital dentistry is here to stay. 3D printing can make all sorts of manufacturing even cheaper and more efficient. In a dental setting, patients no longer need to go back (less visits-more care) to have crowns fitted as same-day crowns are available and are being offered because of 3D printing. While 3D printing might be a new technology for some, dentists have used it to make dental crowns for years.

What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work in Dentistry?

3D Printing takes digital designs to production.  It was common practice before that for crowns to get fitted and made a mold is first made and sent to the dental lab for shaping. Then a crown is formed and finished. This results in longer treatment period for patients. It is also more expensive.

With 3D printing, instead of making a mold and sending it to a lab, dentists like Dr. Reese use a small camera to scan teeth directly. The digitized scan is then sent to a milling machine on-site that uses subtractive manufacturing. This machine carves the crown from a block of porcelain in about an hour. This is how same-day crowns are done. The patient doesn’t need to walk around for two weeks waiting for a crown to be finished, using a temporary filling.

Dentists are slowly phasing out the mold and middleman (labs), cutting down costs and length of time for treatment.

Indianapolis Dentistry Uses 3D Printing Technology

Dr. Reese uses computer-aided design (CAD) and subtractive manufacturing (CAM) milling technology to make CEREC crowns same-day, while you wait. There is no need to make two appointments or to come back to get your crown placed. Only one in ten dentists have this machine in-house. Dr. Reese makes sure he stays on top technology that helps him serve his patients better. Indianapolis Dentistry strives to make sure you will be provided thorough care in an efficient manner that minimizes your visits, time away from work or home, and minimal interruption to your schedule.

While this is the current technology, there may come a time when new dental technology can achieve the same result even faster. And what’s better is that this procedure is absolutely pain-free!

Dr. Reese’s Invitation to You

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