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What is a Bad Bite and How It Affects Your Health

April 11, 2014

Your bite is how your top and bottom teeth come together. When they do not fit together properly, you are said to have a "bad bite" or malocclusion. Misaligned teeth or a misaligned jaw can cause a bad bite.

Here are examples of a bad bite:



  • An overjet occurs when the upper front teeth protrude.
  • A deep bite occurs when the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth too much.
  • An underbite occurs when the upper teeth fit inside the arch of the lower teeth.
  • An open bite occurs when the back teeth are together and there is an opening between the lower and upper front teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth
  • A crossbite occurs when one or more of your upper teeth don’t line up with the appropriate lower tooth or teeth.
  • Crowded or overlapped teeth

Teeth that are naturally perfectly aligned are rare. Malocclusions range from mild to severe and dentists classify these cases as Class I, II and III.

How a Bad Bite Can Affect Your Health

  • A bad bite can affect your overall oral health. Crooked or crowded teeth are difficult to clean and this can lead to potential problems like tooth decay and gum disease.
  • A bad bite interferes with chewing and speaking.
  • A bad bite can cause teeth to become loose, broken or worn down. This can be caused by the body's attempts to compensate for a misaligned bite by clenching (bruxing) and grinding.
  • A bad bite (misaligned jaw) can cause pain to your entire body.

When you have a bad bite or a misaligned jaw, it can sometimes affect a specific part of your body. And sometimes, it can affect your entire body. When your jaw joint is unbalanced, it manipulates and influences your spine, your bite, your airway, your nerves and your muscles.

How A Bad Bite Can Be Corrected or Treated

Fortunately, malocclusions can be corrected by orthodontics. Orthodontic braces treatment options for today’s patients are much easier, more comfortable, typically produces fuller smiles with longer lasting results and less incidence of relapse, and creates healthier TMJ function that lasts for a lifetime. Read more about the advantages of orthodontics. Whether you are child or an adult, it is never too late or early to correct a bad bite or even prevent potential bad bite problems.

Create Beautiful Smiles

Orthodontics does not only create beautiful smiles, but creates a healthier mouth and jaw function while contributing to the self-esteem of the patient. A pleasing smile with straight and aligned teeth leaves a lasting and favorable impression.

Traditional orthodontics involves metal, stainless steel braces that are still a widely used and effective method, but other options such as non-metal, ceramic braces and clear aligner technology from Invisalign or Clear Correct are great alternative options

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