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A Holistic Approach to Treating TMJ Disorder

March 18, 2014

Dr. Reese takes on a holistic approach when treating dental problems such as a TMJ disorder. Being a holistic dentist, he practices a minimally invasive approach to dentistry that considers the whole body’s health. This also means that rather than treating a symptom (problem) he also goes to find out the underlying cause and treat it from there. This is very important when diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders.


When we say we take a holistic approach in treating a TMJ disorder, we see the body as an entire working system with all its parts (organs) interconnected and functioning as one. When it comes to oral health, the teeth, gums, jaw, muscles, nerves, and throat are treated like an ecosystem of body parts working together to support necessary functions like chewing, speaking, and breathing. Dr. Reese, who practices a holistic approach to treating TMJ disorder, acknowledges this system as much as the parts, knowing that a problem in one can result in a bigger problem with the system eventually. (Read how TMJ disorders can cause digestive problems too.)


Those who treat a TMJ disorder symptomatically treat it with muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication, or pain relievers. They may also suggest lifestyle changes that include stress reduction or the consumption of soft foods. This wouldn’t treat the underlying problem though, and symptoms - most especially pain - tend to come back. This can be a potential lifelong problem.

The goal needs to be the return of muscles and joints into their proper alignment.


Dr. Reese has had many years of experience helping patients suffering from TMJ disorder find relief. He can effectively diagnose the cause of your TMJ symptoms, and provide immediate, non-invasive treatment. Dr. Reese treats the underlying causes of TMJ as well as the problematic symptoms. He investigates your bite by asking about your medical history, current state of health, using modern equipment and techniques, and considers all possible factors involved in the development of TMJ Disorder. This approach goes to the root cause of symptoms.

Those suffering from TMJ Disorder are often recommended to wear an appliance to help them correct their bite. Together with this, techniques to manage pain and address other underlying issues like stress and posture are taken up. Anxiety, stress, poor posture or even caffeine consumption can prompt you to grind your teeth and clench your jaw unconsciously. Practicing techniques to help alleviate stress like meditation and exercise very much helps in managing symptoms too.

Dr. Reese will also coordinate with other health specialists to ensure every organ affected by your TMJ disorder is covered and subsequently treated.

Dr. Reese Can Help You with Your TMJ Disorder

If you are diagnosed with TMJ disorder, we can help lessen the symptoms of this debilitating disorder. While many care providers simply treat the symptoms, Dr. Reese and his staff focus on the underlying causes of your pain and discomfort. This unique approach leads to greater patient adherence to treatment and higher success rates.  If you are suffering from head, neck, or jaw pain, please call Dr. Reese’s office at 317-882-0228 and ask for a TMJ consultation. We are located just north of Greenwood, Indiana on US 31 in Indianapolis.