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Why We Don’t Participate in Network Insurance Plans

November 9, 2012

Many employers and insurance plans are directing, and even driving, those with traditional insurance into what they consider their more 'cost effective' network plans.

On paper and at first appearances, these network savings plans and offerings may look cost effective to you the consumer and end user. What a paper contract can't show you is the quality of service you receive (or actually don’t receive) for your insurance premium dollars. Dentistry, as in all health care, is a service that occurs under a variety of circumstances, not a product that can be massed produced or manufactured. Dentistry in particular is a service that requires a high level of skill, knowledge, and experience in addition to varied pieces of equipment and technology. Along with all these items, the most important requirement is a genuine care for the patient’s well being and pride in their work.

My intention and our allegiance rests with our patients. We understand that insurance benefits are a tangible work related compensation that must be utilized when available. The network plans that we have been approached with, do not have you the patients, best interest at heart, nor do they allow us to provide the quality of care and service to our patients that we desire. Dentistry more than any other healthcare doesn't lend itself to 'healing, and restoration' a midst an environment of hurry and shortcuts. Dentistry, and restorations done poorly and hurriedly do often hurt, and won’t last as long as they could, or even jeopardize sound teeth.

I believe so strongly in this method of providing dentistry that I have created a 5-Year Warranty Program that backs up my dental work for up to 5 years for as long as you see our hygienist for regular dental cleanings.