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5-Year Warranty Assurance Program

Although it seems like “only a cleaning”, oral hygiene is much more important than that. Recent studies have shown regular preventative care can reduce the risk of tooth and gum disease as well as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and a host of other problems.

This warranty necessitates you schedule and adhere to the 6-month cleaning and check-up to provide the maintenance needed to keep your dental work strong and healthy. It is that simple! We offer this because we want you to understand that there is a difference in dental care providers.

“Network discount plans” can look appealing on paper, but the reality is far from a “discount” in the long run, but especially when it comes to your teeth and mouth. Our guarantee is a much greater benefit than the savings they may want to boast!

If you have had dental treatment in the last five years, but have not seen us for your oral hygiene needs, you may be ‘grandfathered’ into this program simply by making a recare appointment today. Your guarantee will be good for five years from the date of the original treatment as long as you maintain your visits every six months.

Dr. Reese

"My goal is to provide you and your family with excellent dental care that is comfortable, reliable, and a lasting investment in your oral and whole body health. To ensure this goal I am introducing a new Warranty Assurance program. This is a tangible statement of our personal commitment to you and your family’s health and well being."

"Thank you for making us your dental home!"
—Dr. Ted Reese