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Gentle Sedation Dentistry in Indianapolis

January 20, 2015

While my own family dentist gave me a good impression of dentists (he was always pleasant, happy, and seemed to enjoy his work), I'm fully aware that not everyone has had the same experiences with dentists in their past.

I really dreaded finding a dentist because as an adult I was really afraid of dentists and embarrassed in the shape of my teeth and I knew my stomach was going to be sick." -Jan

One thing I stress with all of my patients and staff is to be gentle. Be gentle when brushing. Be gentle when cleaning. We use gentle products. We are gentle on your gums and gentle on your teeth. Even when you can't feel it.


I'm an Indianapolis sedation dentist who has been practicing sedation dentistry in Indianapolis for over 30 years. I understand the fears you may have about going to the dentist so I go out of my way to create a gentle, calm, and soothing environment that complements IV, gas, and pill sedation.

Dr. Reese formulated a plan of action that suited my individual preferences; at no time was I made to feel self-conscious about my past dental neglect. Today, after multiple dental procedures which were virtually pain-free." -C.W.

I want to personally invite you to allow us to show you the care and comfort you deserve. Experience the difference in our expertise, professionalism, and thorough care. Our staff will work hard to gain your confidence and trust. Call our office at 317-882-0228 and experience the difference.