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Dental Insurance

November 9, 2012

We realize how confusing dental insurance can be so we have written this post to help you understand the complexities of dental insurance. At Indianapolis Dentistry, we are insurance friendly and file most insurances, but one of the most common misconceptions is that dental insurance is designed to pay for the total amount of all dental care. On the contrary, most dental insurance contracts have limits and/or various degrees of co-payment which doesn't always cover all of your dental treatment.

All levels of payment by insurance companies, including allowed fees, usual and customary (UCR), are governed by the premiums paid. They have nothing to do with the actual charges. Our fees are based upon a combination of our cost, our time, and our constant dedication to supplying our patients with the highest quality dental care. The treatment recommended by our office is never based on what your insurance company will pay because we believe your treatment should not be governed by your insurance contract.

However, it should be understood, that the dental insurance contract is between the insurance company and the patient, who bears the ultimate financial responsibility. We hope this information has been helpful. Please take the time to review your dental insurance contract thoroughly so we may best serve your dental needs. As always, you may feel free to ask our front desk staff for clarification on dental services, billing, and insurance. You may also want to read why we don't participate in insurance networks plans or how you should use it or lose your dental insurance this year.