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Debunking Some Myths About Holistic Dentistry

March 19, 2014

We will clarify some myths about holistic dentistry in this article. Myth: Holistic dentistry is just like quack medicine. Fact: Holistic dentistry IS dentistry; but instead of focusing on oral health alone, it sees oral health in view of the overall health of the body. It also practices safety procedures for both the patient and dental staff and uses biocompatible resources to treat dental problems.

Those who practice holistic, toxin-free dentistry are often labeled “quacks.” This is not true. Originally, a “quack” was a dentist who used toxic fillings. In 1848, the American Society of Dental Surgeons required its members to pledge not to use toxins in filling material. When member dentists in New York City used toxins, they were suspended for malpractice according to Morton Walker, D.P.M. (author of Elements of Danger and 70 other books related to holistic health).

Myth: Holistic dentistry is toxin-free dentistry. Fact: While holistic dentistry employs the use of biocompatible fillings for patients, it encompasses more than that. Holistic dentists have a broader commitment to patient health, safety, and wellbeing. For example, a holistic dentist will choose the most conservative procedures possible to preserve your natural teeth. When restorations are necessary, he uses the most biocompatible materials available.

But yes, holistic dentistry follows strict protocol for removal of toxic fillings in order to minimize your exposure to toxins. We adhere to guidelines of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), and the IAMFD (International Academy of Mercury Safe Dentists).

Myth: Holistic dentistry is not a science. Fact: Holistic dentistry is a science.

While holistic dentistry is not a dental specialty, it is still dentistry and dentistry is a science. Holistic dentists are committed to safety, so much so that we take more precautions than others deem necessary. When science reveals a potential threat to patient safety, a holistic dentist eliminates that threat from his or her practice.

Finding a Holistic Dentist in Indianapolis

Dr. Reese is a holistic dentist practicing in Indianapolis and he follows safety protocols developed by the International Academy of Mercury Safe Dentists and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Dr. Reese and his staff at the Indianapolis Dentistry Clinic do not use dental materials containing mercury and they exhaust all possible means to keep your teeth in its most natural state. We are proud to be offering a state-of-the-art dental office combined with the knowledge and concerns for your entire body health.

Our office is diligent in adhering to stringent guidelines in removing old mercury fillings to avoid any further body contamination from this toxin. Fluoride-free prevention and cleanings are also offered and we use low-radiation, digital x-rays. Most of our restorative material is metal-free or only of high grade, biological inert, precious metals when absolutely needed. Options for entirely metal-free prosthetics are also available for those with known or suspected intolerances.

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