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Low- Radiation X-Rays

November 9, 2012

Patient care is our number one priority, and we realize that you have many options when it comes to dental care. For this reason, we make it a point to purchase the latest in dental technologies to better assess your oral health. One of those technologies is our low-radiation, digital x-ray machines. This new x-ray equipment allows our staff to take an x-ray image of your teeth and almost immediately have the digital photo up on a TV monitor for you and Dr. Reese to review together.

It's not just the ease and convenience of not waiting for traditional x-ray development that you'll love. The digital x-ray also has the following benefits:

  • Your dental exams should take less time since there isn't any x-ray film to process
  • Your exposure to x-rays is greatly reduced
  • Bigger, colorful images will make it easier to understand your treatment
  • X-ray fees will be reduced since we do not need chemicals and film to process your x-rays (plus, "it reduces hazardous waste in the environment)

If you'd like to make an appointment to check out our digital x-ray technology, please call our office at 317-882-0228. We think you'll be impressed with this progressive technology that keeps your whole body's health in mind. Thank you for choosing Indianapolis Dentistry. We appreciate you!