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Spring Cleaning Your Teeth - Why Dental Cleanings Are Important

April 17, 2014

By now you probably know why dental check-ups are necessary, but today we are focusing on dental cleanings. Dental cleanings are usually done during dental check-ups and are an integral part of preventive dental care.

Why Dental Cleanings Are Important

  1. To Prevent Oral Cancer - According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, in the US alone, one American dies every hour because of oral cancer. Oral screenings are done together with dental cleanings.
  2. To prevent Gum Disease - Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and goes widely undetected or mistaken for just gingivitis. And what is disappointing is that gum disease if treated and diagnosed early are easily reversible.
  3. Less Risk for Tooth Loss - When your teeth are taken cared of regularly through proper diet, regular and proper brushing and professional cleanings, you run lesser risk on losing a tooth because of gum disease or tooth decay. Tooth replacements are costly and need more maintenance than your natural teeth. Once your permanent teeth are gone, they are gone forever. Take care of them!
  4. Detection and Treatment of Dental (or Possible) Dental Problems - Your dentist will notice the early signs of potential or developing dental problems – tooth decay, emerging wisdom teeth that lie sideways, a bad bite, even if you are teeth grinding when you sleep. He will be able to detect, diagnose, prevent or treat problems before they become worse.
  5. Maintenance of Good Oral Health and Overall Wellness - Clean teeth means good dental health and that contributes to one’s overall wellness.

Have Regular Dental Cleanings

How many of us can honestly say that we practice perfect oral hygiene every day all year round? Teeth cleaning, also known as prophylaxis, helps remove the tartar and plaque that develops in everyone’s mouth over time, even with “perfect” oral hygiene.

Your dentist will remove any excess scale (tartar, calcium deposits or calculus) and plaque (sticky film with bacteria) from your teeth preventing bacteria from attaching and growing there and causing gum disease.

The American Dental Association recommends dental cleanings done once or twice a year, but it also best to seek the advice of your dentist.

Schedule Your Dental Cleaning with Indianapolis Dentistry

Spring is the perfect time to do some deep cleaning at home – and that extends to your teeth!

Your semi-annual teeth cleaning is a good opportunity to ask any dental related questions you have and make sure everything looks great and we also demonstrate the proper flossing techniques. We recommend visiting every six months to have your teeth cleaned for both children and adults.

We have a host of options every week to schedule your cleanings including daytime and evening hours.

Schedule your Spring Cleaning today by calling 317-882-0228 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We can’t wait to see you!