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How to Prevent Dental Anxiety in Children

December 9, 2014

It is important that children have regular dental checkups, but some children have a very real fear of dentists that can make dental appointments a traumatizing experience. Here are some tips for parents who are dealing with children who have dental anxiety or severe dental phobia:

  • Start dental cleanings at an early age, so the child will be comfortable and familiar with dental appointments and the dentist. Dr. Reese is a family dentist that can grow with the child into adulthood.
  • Enforce good oral hygiene, so trips to the dentist are minimal. This means avoiding sugary drinks and brushing regularly. It also means getting the right nutrition so that teeth can continue to stay strong.
  • Try not to convey your own fears of the dentist to your child. If you are nervous or anxious about going to the dentist, your child may pick up on that and see the dentist as someone to be afraid of.
  • Find a dentist who specializes in working with anxious children to make them feel safe and secure during dental checkups and procedures. Dr. Reese has a comfortable environment for children.

If not addressed during younger years, dental anxiety can develop into severe dental phobia as the child gets older. To prevent tooth decay and gum disease later in life, the above suggestions can work to calm your child's fear of dentists. At Indianapolis Dentistry, our motto is "Calming fears...creating smiles." How can we help you today?