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Not Just a Cleaning Anymore

October 26, 2012

Love getting your teeth cleaning? Here are 7 more benefits you should be receiving from your preventative care.

  • Elimination of bacteria - an "under the gums" irrigation system can help prevent periodontal disease and flush decay-causing bacteria from under the gums
  • Detection of periodontal disease - gum measurements are recorded in your "perio chart" to detect bone loss and active infection
  • Oral cancer screening - we utilize an oral cancer screening system called Identifi to detect oral cancer in it's earliest stages
  • Stain removal - coffee, smoking, teas, and other foods and drinks can cause stains on the teeth that polishing the teeth during prophylaxis can help remove
  • Systemic benefits to maintain overall good physical health - limiting the number of bacteria in the mouth can prevent the travel of aggressive bacteria to other organs that could lead to inflammation and infection*
  • Detect decay - old dental work could be breaking down and unrestored natural teeth can have new areas of decay
  • Prevent bad breath - detecting periodontitis in its earliest stages can help prevent bad breath, but it can also be treated after you have it

*Poor oral health has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and low-birth-weight babies.

At Indianapolis Dentistry we care so much about preventative care that we have shaped our 5-year warranty program around keeping regular cleaning appointments. As long as you continue to keep your oral hygiene visits every 6-months you can be eligible for free replacement or repair of Dr. Reese's dental work within the previous 5-years. And if you've already had dental treatment, existing patients can be grandfathered into this program.