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Indianapolis Kid's Dentist

November 20, 2013

ental care should start as early as possible. To be able to have the best teeth one’s dental experience should start when one is young. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that a child should see a pediatric dentist once his first tooth appears. Ideally, a pediatric dentist should have seen a child no later than his first birthday.

Dr. Reese and his staff is so nice! My son is not afraid to go to the dentist anymore. On his second appointment he didn't want me in the room with him. My son is only 7 years old. If you want a dentist that will accept children, then I highly recommend that you book your next dental appointment with Dr. Reese today. You don't want to pass a wonderful, inviting experience up." -Nicholas B., Indianapolis

What is a kid's dentist?

Kid's dentists are also known as pediatric dentists. They take care of the oral health of children – from infancy through their teenage years. They have the necessary experience to care of a child’s developing teeth and gums in various childhood stages. Ideally, we are talking about children from infancy up to twelve years of age.

How does a kid's dentist differ from a family dentist?

Pediatric dentists are similar to pediatricians in the medical world – they specialize in children’s dental care. A pediatric dentist has two to three years of specialty training after dental school.

A pediatric dentist specializes in the early growth and the prevention of disease in the teeth and gums.  For instance, a child's mouth is smaller than that of an adult. They grow baby teeth (primary or milk teeth) that will soon be replaced by bigger permanent ones. A pediatric dentist's trained eye can see if there is enough room for those big teeth to come in and recommend steps if your child's jaws will need some extra help for the teeth to be properly spaced. This alone can help you save money on getting braces when they reach their teens.

What types of treatments do kids' dentists provide?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a kid’s dentist provide comprehensive oral health care, some of which are listed below:

  • Infant oral health exams, which include risk assessment for caries in mother and child
  • Preventive dental care including cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as nutrition and diet recommendations
  • Habit counseling (for example, pacifier use and thumb sucking)
  • Early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth and correcting an improper bite (orthodontics)
  • Repair of tooth cavities or defects
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases such as diabetes, congenital heart defect, asthma, hay fever, and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder
  • Management of gum diseases and conditions including ulcers, short frenulae, mucoceles, and pediatric periodontal disease
  • Care for dental injuries (for example, fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth)

The Importance of Dental Care in Children

Not only do pediatric dentists help prevent tooth decay they also help keep your children’s teeth in good condition until they lose them for permanent teeth. Baby teeth play a vital role in your child's overall development, helping children chew their food properly, have good speech and ensuring teeth are spaced properly so that the permanent teeth come in straight.

Education is also one of the primary objectives of a pediatric dentist. He teaches you and your children how to maintain good dental hygiene and oral care. As much as we encourage our children to practice good dental habits like daily teeth brushing and flossing, hearing the same information from their own dentist is usually more effective.

Finding a Kid's Dentist

A pediatric dentist not only ensures that your child's teeth are taken care of, he also has ways to distract your child while he performs treatments and to make it a positive dental experience for them. In this way, your child is less likely to be afraid of going to the dentist! His office and exam room is kid friendly with videos to watch, toys to distract, and kid-oriented staff.

About Indianapolis Dentistry

Dr. Ted Reese is an Indianapolis dentist who does pediatric cleanings (kids get a toy and a special bag with their own toothbrush and toothpaste) to prevent cavities, frenectomies for children with tongue or lip ties, and traditional or ceramic braces for teens and pre-teens. He practices minimally-invasive dentistry to make it as pain-free as possible (there are also various sedation modalities that can be used) for your child. And as your child is getting ready to become an adult, Dr. Reese can also help with wisdom teeth removal. You can schedule an appointment by calling 317-882-0228.