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Kids and Orthodontics

October 17, 2012

Did you know that utilizing orthodontic treatment (braces and invisalign) while your child is still growing may produce the most efficient results?

We've found that seven years old is optimal for an orthodontic evaluation. At seven, children have the prime mix of adult and baby teeth allowing Indianapolis Dentistry's Dr. Ted Reese to easily spot any potential problems with your child's emerging teeth and jaw growth.

Why should you consider braces or invisalign for you child?

There are numerous physical and emotional benefits to correcting your child's teeth at a young age. Crooked and crowded teeth are difficult to maintain and clean, which may lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss. Emotionally, a child's teeth can greatly affect his or her self esteem. By correcting their smile, you will give them the boost of confidence they need during an already difficult adolescent period. Furthermore, when utilized at a younger age, the social impacts of braces and invisalign on your child will be minimized!

Today's braces can be as discrete, or overt, as your child desires! We offer both traditional, metal braces and non-metal, ceramic braces. Both accomplish the same goal of improving your smile through controlled alignment over time, but the ceramic braces are tooth colored and (other than the wire) contain no metal. We also offer a multitude of colored bands to choose from and for children (or kids at heart) we offer Wild Smiles Brackets to make the braces experience a little more fun!

Invisalign is also a great, cost effective option for children anxious about the aesthetic and social implications of traditional braces.

No need to make multiple, inefficient trips visiting your family dentist, getting a referral, AND finding an orthodontist. At Indianapolis Dentistry, we do it ALL in office! Dr. Ted Reese utilizes holistic (whole-body) dentistry techniques in order to offer Indianapolis premier orthodontic treatment, in-office, at his dental surgery center just north of Greenwood, Indiana.

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