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Indianapolis Invisalign Adventure

January 1, 2013

What it like to get Invisalign at Indianapolis Dentistry? We asked one of our staff members who recently got clear aligners to share her journey with Invisalign:

Being in dentistry for nearly all of my adult life, I have been extremely self-conscious of my smile. Overall, I don't think it's a terrible smile, but as with anything else, there's definitely room for improvement.

I consulted with Dr. Reese about Invisalign for me mainly because of the crowding of my lower teeth. I knew that Dr. Reese would be able to help me achieve the "perfect" desired smile!!

OK, so today's the day I've been waiting for! The highly anticipated arrival of my aligners! I am extremely excited, but why do I feel so nervous?! When I think about wearing them, it's one thing, but actually wearing them is another. I wonder how my speech is going to be and how much people will notice that I am wearing them. Will it hurt?! As I sat in the chair with Dr. Reese and Brandon, his assistant, I felt nervous. I have to say that I give credit to all of the younger kiddos who come in daily for their ortho and are braver than me!!

The delivery of the trays was quick and easy. I have 16 buttons (attachments) total on my teeth that are virtually unnoticeable...unless of course, I point them out. Dr. Reese and Brandon went over instructions with me...seems simple enough. You have to wear the aligners 22 hours a day-take them out only to eat and brush-No eating or drinking with exception to clear liquids. I can do this!

The first hour after receiving my trays felt weird. My speech was pretty good, slight slurage with my "s" sounds, but overall, OK! Alright, to be honest, I think I still struggle with my "s" sounds, but I think I notice it more than anyone else does.

Later on, I started to feel a little sore- nothing major, just slight discomfort. I assured myself that this was normal. It's like going to the gym, if you don't feel a little pressure, did you really go? Is it working?! I know that a little bit of pressure was expected, but by morning I couldn't even feel them anymore. It's actually more comfortable for me to wear my aligners than not to wear them at this time.

One great thing is that people truly do not notice them unless I point them out! HUGE BONUS for me!! Being that I am overly self-conscious and work in dentistry, that was a major plus for me!!

Currently, I am on my second set of aligners; one step closer to a perfect smile!

I have to say that these were really tight! It's an exciting feeling! I know they are working, and guess what?! My speech is gradually improving!! I eagerly await my next set of trays and look forward to sharing my personal experience and photos as we go!!