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Dentist Games for Kids

November 21, 2013

Dentist games can be a great tool to educate your children about dental care and good oral hygiene. It can also help them get acquainted with the dentist, the clinic and the usual treatments done to one’s teeth. Fear of the unknown is one of the major reasons kids are afraid of going to the dentist. Take the fear out of going to the dentist with fun, learning games about dental hygiene! Below are a few dentist games that might help your children feel a little bit calmer about going to do the dentist:


(available on iTunes and Google Play)

You get to play the role of a virtual dentist and practice dental procedures in this fun game. By selecting a variety of patients with common dental problems (rotten teeth, cleanings, root canal, tooth extractions and crown placements are just a few examples), your child can be acquainted with what usually occurs in common dental procedures. This might help when they become overwhelmed in the dental clinic. You can point out common dental instruments they have encountered with the game so they can overcome their fear. This can help give your child a better dental experience with his dentist.


According to the description, you get to, “Hit the road with Glenn Martin and family to drill, fill, hammer, and file in mouths around the country. In addition, you'll blast aliens in Ohio, throw fish in Seattle, dodge the cops in Mississippi, and play tons of other all-new mini-games. Featuring 10 characters from the show (including the dog), 10 tooth-defying procedures, new mini-games, and clips from the upcoming season, Glenn Martin, DDS is the dentist you'll love to visit.”

If your child relates and admires superheroes, Glenn Martin, DDS is a dentist they can call a hero.  By identifying dentists as friends and “good” guys, your child will look forward to his dental appointments than dread going to it.


Education plays a big role in helping children overcome their fear. When they know what to expect and are familiar with what is happening, you can expect dental visits to feel like walks in the park. The Plackers Kids Club have memory games, printable coloring pages, mazes and connect the dot activities that are ideal if you don’t like the idea of exposing your child to electronic gadgets yet. The activities also aim to promote dental health.


Not all games are digital on a computer. Children love role-playing games in real-life too! Role-playing helps children understand faster and better. By playing this way, children learn how things work and how to properly behave. Here are some ideas on how to play dental role playing games with your children:

  1. You can give your child a toothbrush for a toy. Encourage them to be dentists to their doll or bear and have them care for their teeth.
  2. Let your child be your dentist and act like a patient. Let them give you a check-up!
  3. Convert toothbrush time into a game! Be dentists to one another and brush each other’s teeth. Afterwards, one gets to check if the other one’s teeth are sparkly clean. This simple game teaches your child proper brushing techniques without making it like a chore for them.


Dr. Reese is a holistic dentist in Indianapolis that serves children and adults. He specializes in helping calm the fears of those afraid to go to the dentist. He does this by creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere that is low-pressure. He compliments that atmosphere with sedation modalities like IV sedation, gas sedation, and pill sedation, which help calm an anxious patient during treatment. If you or your child is afraid of the dentist and you are in the Indianapolis area, consider calling Dr. Reese at 317-882-0228 for a consultation.