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What is the Best Holistic Toothpaste?

December 18, 2013

A lot of people ask Dr. Reese, "What is the best toothpaste?" When choosing the right or even the best holistic toothpaste for your family, there are several things to consider:

Read labels carefully.

Be sure to read labels on toothpaste products and be familiar with ingredients that you are to avoid. For example, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is linked to allergies and sensitivities, as well as potentially causing canker sore flare-ups and drying the mouth. Some toothpaste brands are indicated for adult use only or are specified to be used for a certain period of time. Read instructions carefully. There are also studies that suggest fluoride shouldn’t be used in toothpaste – most holistic products don’t carry chemical ingredients.

Check the seal of approval from the American Dental Association (ADA)

When it has the ADA seal, it means that is has been evaluated and has passed the standards of the independent review board of scientific experts. Its claims, safety and effectiveness are ADA-accepted.

Choose a toothpaste for your child wisely.

Pediatric oral hygiene is very important and picking a toothpaste for your child is part of oral hygiene. Get a fluoride-free toothpaste if your child doesn’t know how to spit it out after brushing their teeth. Too much intake of fluoride can cause a dental condition called enamel fluorisis – white lines or flecking on teeth surfaces. Avoid whitening agents, artificial preservatives, SLS, saccharine or dyes. Sweetened toothpastes that are heavily marketed as children toothpastes can contribute to tooth decay.

Consider your family’s dental needs.

Do you need a toothpaste that control plaques or eliminates bad breath? Does anyone in the family have sensitive teeth? Do you want to whiten your teeth? A family member suffering from gingivitis may require a specially formulated toothpaste than your family toothpaste.

Consult your dentist about any specific dental problem and ask for recommendations.

Your dentist is in the best position to recommend a toothpaste according to your dental needs.

Choose a Holistic Toothpaste

Dr. Reese is a holistic Indianapolis dentist practicing integrated dentistry. This means he doesn’t only focus on your teeth and its problems and needs but also combines treatment in consideration with the whole body (holistic dentistry). When one takes a holistic view on oral care, health promotion and prevention become the focus and cleaning one’s teeth with the right products is part of health promotion.

Dr. Reese recommends these holistic dental products that when used in addition to regular visits to the dentist can help keep your oral health in top shape.

If you are looking for a natural or holistic toothpaste, Dr. Reese recommends the Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Paste. It is formulated to gently clean teeth, reduce oral bacteria and freshen breath. Made with precisely calculated portions of pure essential oils that work synergistically with alcohol-free extracts of organically grown herbs to reduce oral bacteria and maintain healthy teeth and gums, you use the Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Paste the same way as any toothpaste – use a small amount to brush teeth twice a day.

Dr. Reese carries Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Paste in his clinic, the Indianapolis Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. It is located just north of Greenwood, Indiana in Southport, just five minutes south of I-465 on US 31 between I-65 and Highway 37. Call 317-882-0228 for directions or use the map. You can avail of one after having your teeth checked or cleaned by Dr. Reese.