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Affordable Root Canals in Indianapolis

March 12, 2014

Affordable root canals in Indianapolis can be attainable with our clinic. Here at Indianapolis Dentistry, we are proud of our service and focus on our patient’s well being to provide beautiful, natural smiles with lasting tooth replacements and repairs. We really mean when we say you can have less visits, more care. You will be provided thorough care in an efficient manner that minimizes your visits, time away from work or home, and minimal interruption to your schedule.

When would I need a root canal?

Dr. Reese will ensure that all means possible are exhausted to save your natural teeth. There are several instances when teeth may be good candidates for root canal work: teeth that are severely decayed, accidentally injured, cracked, or chipped.

Why would I opt for a root canal instead of a tooth extraction?

A root canal is less expensive than an implant, but more costly than an extraction. When you have a tooth extracted, it should be replaced be either an implant or a denture – missing teeth have a potential to create more dental problems in the future. A root canal saves your natural tooth and preserves both your smile and your bite.

Affordable Root Canals in Indianapolis

Affordable Root Canals in Indianapolis

Is a root canal painful?

The procedure has a reputation for being painful, but the truth is, in the hands of a skilled dentist like Dr. Reese, a root canal is virtually painless.

This is a relatively simple procedure and can be performed in one to three visits. Dr. Reese will use local anesthetic and sedation techniques to minimize discomfort and ensure that this is a pain-free procedure.

A common question is what happens during a root canal therapy.

After the tooth is numbed, a small opening is made into the tooth where the insides are cleansed and shaped. A rubber-like material called gutta-percha is filled into the tooth and the opening is then sealed with sterile cotton pellets and a temporary filling. After a couple of weeks, the tooth is typically restored and a crown is placed over the treated tooth for protection. If the tooth lacks sufficient structure, a dental post may be placed inside.

There are instances where a second root canal maybe necessary because of infection but our clinic recognizes your concerns, whether it be financial or psychological (if you are scared of another procedure). Dr. Reese or anyone in our staff can help explain what you need to know. There also various payment options and you can apply for care credit financing. It is so easy you can apply over the phone!

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