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Why Does Eating Apples Hurt My Gums?

June 15, 2015
My bottom gums hurt after I tried eating an apple. I think they even bled a little bit. It really hurts for me to take a bite into an apple. Why does eating apples hurt my gums?

This is a common question we get a lot and as it turns out, there are 2 main reasons why eating an apple can hurt your gums:

  1. The apple peel on the outside of the apple is pressing up against your gums, causing pressure and pain.
  2. You may be allergic to apples (or a chemical sprayed onto the apple).

Let's tackle each one individually to see how to prevent gum pain when eating an apple. We'll focus on the pain that comes from the apple peel pressing up against your gums because there is little that can be done if you're allergic to an apple.


Apple Hurts Gums

  • Cut the apple up into small pieces - instead of biting directly into the apple, cut it up first so that your gums don't have to push as hard into the side of the apple into the peel.
  • Consider mushing or blending the apple first - essentially this removes any hardness from the apple and is defacto making your own applesauce.
  • Wash the apple with soap and water before eating - you may be allergic to a chemical that has found it's way onto the apple rather than the apple itself.
  • Visit your local dentist to review your gums - it could be that you have sensitive gums, Gingivitis, or some form of periodontal disease that makes your gums swollen, sore, or sensitive.

If you're in the Indianapolis area and you suffer from sensitive gums, consider Dr. Reese at Indianapolis Dentistry. He's a holistic, sedation dentist who treats people who are afraid of the dentist. Call 317-882-0228 to setup an appointment so you can get back to eating apples like nature intended.