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Why Do I Get So Many Cavities?

January 22, 2012

Does it seem like you’ve always gotten more than your fair share of cavities? Are you the one who always brushes and flosses diligently, but still get more cavities than anyone else in your family, office, neighborhood!?

Don’t despair, there is new technology and products that will be of benefit for you.

The dental profession has long recognized the role of sugars and bacterial plague as causative factors in getting cavities.  For the past 30 years we’ve also recognized that some people are more prone to cavities due to poorly mineralized permanent teeth and/or deep grooves in the chewing surfaces that trap food and bacteria and subsequently end up decaying.

Now a new causative factor is recognized and being addressed!

Just as salt on the roads leads to rust on your car.  Acidity in your mouth (or the pH of your saliva) has come to the forefront of playing a huge role in cavity formation.  I’ve long recognized that kids and adults who indulge in daily soft drink consumption are prone to large and fast cavity formation.  Mountain Dew is notorious, and the newer energy /pep drinks are claiming their notorious place in dental history.  While soft drinks are laden with high sugar content, the acidity(pH) levels of these drinks and their continuous exposure (daily sipping on a soft drink) combines for an extremely detrimental environment to ENAMEL!


  1. Recognize that soft drinks are much more harmful than earlier thought.   So when you indulge yourself, drink it, rinse with water to neutralize the acidity, and wash away the sugar residue.
  2. Neutralize your saliva pH!  Although that may sound difficult it isn’t. Carifree product line has a home care kit, 3 month regimen, that only requires you to use twice a day, brush and rinse, with an acidity reducing rinse, and xylitol containing tooth gel.  Easy and effective!
  3. Eliminate unnecessary sugars in your diet.  Gum chewing w/ sugar gum has to be replaced with xylitol containing gums.  The xylitol is a non sugar sweetener that also changes the microbial environment of the mouth making cavities less likely to occur.

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