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When a Tooth Needs a Crown

November 9, 2012

If your first visit to our office was for emergency treatment you may be ready to complete the treatment for your fractured tooth.

A tooth fracture can be quite extensive and a crown restoration may be necessary to protect the tooth if the tooth has lost most of its healthy structure and is unable to support a conventional restoration safely. If the bone and the surrounding gum tissue appear to be healthy, a new crown covering should keep your tooth healthy and attractive for many years to come.

If at your last appointment, we shaped the tooth in preparation for the crown and placed a temporary crown for protection and comfort, the crown just that - temporary - and needs replaced. Numerous problems may result from relying on the temporary crown to protect the tooth adequately for a long period of time. We urge you to complete the crown replacement in order to avoid further risk to your tooth.

Please call our office at 317-882-0228 and we will arrange the appointment needed to complete the crown treatment. If you are concerned about the financial obligations, our caring staff can work with you on a payment plan for the procedure, but do not let that prevent you from getting the dental care you need. If time is an issue, we have same-day CEREC crown technology that can get you in and out in one-visit.