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What is Ha Nano Gel?

May 16, 2013

A product Dr. Reese really loves at the office is Carifree's HA Nano Gel. According to Carifree, their Nano Gel is "a non-abrasive nano hydroxyapatite xylitol tooth gel that is an excellent alternative to regular toothpaste." But what does that really mean?? Essentially, the gel works to raise the overall pH level of the mouth to prevent both dry mouth, erosion, and decay. The pH neutralization is accomplished by the key ingredient, xylitol. Xylitol is a natural substitute for sugar that has anticariogenic properties, which discourages acidic pH levels in the mouth. Dr. Reese typically encourages patients experiences erosion or decay to use this product; however, it is a great product for patients also experiencing or dealing with: bad breath, dry mouth or throat, Invisalign, dentures, and custom or generic tray applications. This product is also fluoride-free! Make sure to ask whether this product is right for you at your next appointment with Indianapolis Dentistry