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Tooth Extraction Made Easy at Indianapolis Dentistry

January 4, 2022

Having a tooth removed seems like a simple option for dental pain relief and it often is the quickest and surest way to eliminate tooth pain, but there are other considerations.

Replacing the tooth for purposes of smiling and eating is the primary concern.

At Indianapolis Dentistry, we will discuss and advise you whether or not to save a tooth or remove and how best to replace it, but also the need to remove any and all diseased tooth, gum and bone structure associated with the infected tooth.

Acutely infected teeth will often require antibiotic therapy to avoid worsening or spread of the existing infection.  We will likely recommend probiotic therapy in addition if antibiotics are needed to protect and support your ‘gut’ health that is often affected by oral antibiotics.

Over the past years, dentistry has realized that removing a tooth will eliminate the ‘acute’ pain and infection problem but if the associated infected gum and bone tissue is not addressed as well it can lead to long term or ‘chronic’ jaw issues.   If poor healing occurs, these cavitations or residual necrotic and inflammatory conditions can have lingering pain and infection symptoms not always identified with the previous tooth infection since it has been removed. This seems to more pronounced with those struggling with other systemic health issues, bleeding disorders, chronic inflammation or circulation problems, or compromised healing.

We offer several unique services to make a tooth extraction as uneventful, painless, and as fast healing as is known.

1. First is Dr. Reese’s developed method of removing teeth while preserving the surrounding healing gum and bone tissue to allow for faster healing with less damage to the mouth.

   a. We can typically avoid incisions

   b. Preserve the healthy gum and bone tissue

   c. Minimize swelling and pain afterwards

2. Thorough investigation of the socket to remove necessary diseased tissue but preserve the good.

3. Aided by ozone gas and ozonated water we are able to disinfect the site and promote quicker and faster healing.

4. The use of your own platelets derived from a simple blood draw we process a platelet rich plasma and/or fibrin mesh which concentrates all the healing properties of blood at the site where it’s needed most.

5. A synthetic graft of bone minerals and collagen needed to form new jaw bone is placed in the socket where the tooth root existed.   This is often needed and preferred, aided by the platelet blood products to promote faster healing with less likely occurrence of cavitations.

We make every effort to be available to see and treat dental pain on the day of your need.  Call 317 882-0227 to determine if we can see you today!