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Relieving TMJ Pain: Emily's Journey to a Healthier Jaw

November 4, 2019


When your TMJ joint is out of alignment it can place stress on other joints and muscles, or your bite maybe out of alinement, you could be grinding/ clinching that would cause you to have the following symptoms:

  • Tenderness in your jaw, ringing and an aching in your ear.
  • You could have a popping clicking in you jaw
  • You might also experience pain or have a difficult time chewing.
  • In some cases your joint can lock up making it difficult to open or close your mouth
  • You may also experience headaches and neck pain.

But don't fret there are options for you!

I was around 18 years old when they popping started that was shortly followed by pain in my jaw and neck that also lead to headaches. I was seeking treatment but i was not getting the relief I needed.

Once I found Dr Reese, he was able to put together a treatment plan that worked for me. He discovered that my jaw and my bite was out of alignment. We started with a brux guard that allow my jaw to find a comfortable zone and prevented me from clenching ,that i wore at night and therapy.

My treatment included the low-level laser, a cold laser used to reduce inflammation and relief chronic and acute pain and ETPS, a form of acupuncture that helps ease muscle tissue. After finding some relief we decided to move forward with a splint (a bionator) that would help hold my jaw in the right position. Dr. Reese and I are now looking into Orthodontics to help keep my occlusion/ bite alignment stable for the long run. Every case is different, so do not be alarmed if your treatment may not look like this.
-Emily Christian