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How Does Your Smile Score?

November 13, 2013

We have come a long way when it comes to caring for our teeth. Whereas before tooth extractions were the only solution to ANY dental problem and tooth decay and tooth loss rampant across all age groups, dental care has vastly improved thanks to advances in science and technology and taking an active stance on holistic care, putting great emphasis on preventive action rather than treatments. Many people still suffer from poor oral hygiene, tooth problems and gum disease. But knowing your risk factors can give your dentist a huge lead on how to properly manage your oral and dental care.

By accomplishing a Smile Evaluation sheet, you can provide Dr. Reese valuable information to help you care for your teeth and map out needed treatments.

The questions are simple and straightforward. You can download the evaluation sheet here.

  • Take note of the appearance, color, arrangement and shape of your teeth when you smile.
  • Note any concerns about bad breath.
  • Note down any chipped, hidden or crowding teeth.
  • If you have any trouble with chewing, keeping your mouth closed or experience any pain in your mouth or jaw area, be sure to write that down too.
  • Mention any dental treatments you have received of in the past – fillings, tooth extractions, implants, bridges, etc.
  • Write down any changes you would like your teeth to have – whether it’s their color, shape or alignment.

Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. You can further discuss any concerns that you may have when you book an appointment with Dr. Reese. Call 317-882-0228 today.