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Missing Some Teeth?

August 1, 2012

Did you know that in addition to crowns and bridges, Dr. Reese does dental implants? Dr. Reese has been doing dental implants in Indianapolis for over 23 years and has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years. He's been a Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry since 1989. In 2011, Dr. Reese was a Diplomate awardee of American Board of Oral Implantology. That same year he was elected to serve on the examination councils of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Other Awards

In 2008, Dr. Reese was awarded the Life Long Service Recognition (LSSR) award from the Academy of General Dentistry. The Indiana Academy of General Dentistry recognized Dr. Reese for his outstanding service. In addition he was also named one of the Top Dentist in America, Who’s Who in the Midwest, Who’s Who Among American Health Care Professionals, and Who’s Who in America.


After graduating with honors from Indiana University School of Dentistry, Dr. Reese went on to get his Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD), which requires 600 hours of continuing education in over 17 different subject areas of dentistry. He also received a fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, which requires 400 hours of continuing education and the passing of an 8 hour comprehensive exam on dental therapy.


Dr. Reese is or has maintained memberships in the American Association of Functional Orthodontics, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Prosthetics, Midwest Implant Institute, Fellows Christian Medical Dental Society, International Congress of Oral Implantology, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, American Society of Dental Anesthesiology, and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Dental Implant Options

We can place implants and cover with temporary teeth the same day. Denture users may choose a mini-implant for denture retention. Bone grafting is available to replace missing jaw bone required for implant placement after years of tooth loss. Gum grafting may be needed to replace shrunken gum tissue negatively affecting smile results in front tooth replacement. Sinus bone grafting may be required to provide the required jaw bone for implant placement in the upper jaw. However, some implants can be placed without the need for incisions or sutures, which reduces any post surgical swelling or tenderness!

If you’ve been told you’re not a candidate for implants, contact our office for a second opinion. We may be able to help you even if you've been told in the past you couldn't be helped. We can offer you a second opinion and treatment plan to assist you in this important decision.