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Lower Denture Solution

February 10, 2016
Loose the slip, get the GRIP”

This solution is the most cost effective long term solution to the lower denture that is continually moving, slipping, ulcerating gums, and generally making life and eating difficult.

Two implants are placed in the lower chin area near where the original cuspid/canine teeth were once located. The bone is firm and dense and retains these implants very predictably. Once healed (usually 2-3 months) the denture retentive devices (called locator attachments) are simply ‘screwed tight’ into the implants and the nylon ‘keepers’ are then attached to the lower denture (new or existing if in good condition) which allows the denture to ‘snap’ into place. The nylon keepers come in a variety of strengths or ‘grip’ to allow easy removal to simply clean and rinse around the implants and then securely ‘snapped’ back into place for comfortable and confident chewing.

This procedure is done in the office with either local numbing or intravenous sedation is also available. No one goes without the ability to wear their lower denture immediately after the surgical placement or during the healing phase.