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Laser Dentistry with Fotona Lightwalker Laser

January 5, 2022

Fotona Lightwalker Laser

Our office is excited to announce the purchase of a Fotona Lightwalker Laser with Dr. Reese & Dr. Gambill having both completed extensive training in Laser Dentistry. Minimally invasive dentistry with the latest and most effective technology is our goal at Indianapolis Dentistry. We have found no better way to implement this desire into a reality than with this hard(ie. Tooth and bone appropriate laser) and soft (gum, lip, cheeks, and skin) tissue laser.

The Fotona laser is a comprehensive piece of dental technology that is transforming the way we perform basic and complex dental procedures at our office. This laser fits in with our holistic philosophy since it affects the cells producing less inflammation, increasing growth, speed healing, and decreasing post operative pain.

Most patients are candidates for laser dental treatment. We use the Lightwalker for a variety of treatment services, including restorative dentistry (many fillings can be completed without anesthesia), endodontics, periodontics, surgical procedures, cosmetics, and facial esthetics! Whether you desire the most effective disinfection techniques with root canal therapy, no anesthesia for your child, non surgical therapy for snoring cessation or reduction, or even a whiter smile, laser dental therapy has a better option for you!

Check out these benefits from Laser dentistry:

  • Less discomfort during treatment
  • Faster healing time
  • Reduced post op pain and swelling
  • Fewer post surgical complications
  • Less trauma surrounding dental tissue
  • Less invasive

Dental lasers have been used for many years and is proven as a safe and holistic way to better our patient experience and overall comfort. If you have any questions on our newest technology please contact us at 317-882-0228.