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Keeping You Comfortable

July 9, 2012

We offer our patients these luxuries just in our waiting room alone! Stay tuned to see how we keep our patients comfortable in the appointment room and or during procedures.

Waiting Room

At Indianapolis Dentistry, our staff tries to offer our patients the most enjoyable experience. From our waiting room to the actually appointment and procedure, we have steps in place to insure the constant comfort and ease of our patients.

While most dental offices see their job as primarily caring for the teeth and mouth, we make it our job to see to the patient's whole body and well being. This not only means being fluoride and mercury-free, but also by creating a soothing, calm environment for your well being while in the office. That is why we provide the spa-like amenities we do such as the hand treatments, massage chairs, and warm towels.

Kids Area

In designing our waiting room, we wanted the patients to walk in the door and immediately feel comfortable and at home in their surroundings. From warm colors to plush furniture, our patients have no problem settling in to relax before their appointment. We have a small coffee and juice bar which we use to offer teas, coffees, juices and waters.

We serve children and adults, but not always at the same time. We realize that kids probably don't like hanging out at the dentist so we've designed our waiting room to be more relaxing for them too. Our kids play area features a lounge for the filled with toys and games. Kids can play or watch a movie while waiting for their parents or the doctor.

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