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Indianapolis Dentistry June Newsletter

June 1, 2014


Whenever June comes around, most people have the same reaction, “How come it is June already?”

It is the start of summer and it is the perfect time to take care of having your child’s wisdom teeth removed, especially for those who are set to go to college. Wisdom teeth normally start coming in during the high school and college years and can create painful experiences when they cause other teeth to alter their growth or in cases when infection sets in from a lack of cleaning due to the placement of the teeth.

Don’t wait for it become symptomatic (or painful). Wisdom teeth should be extracted before they cause any problems, but it is recommended that wisdom teeth removal happen when one is between the ages of 14 and 18. During this age, the roots have not finished forming and third molars can be extracted with a lower risk and faster or better healing. We have different sedation modalities to make your experience as calming, painless and trauma-free as possible. You can read about the experiences of our patients in our blog.


I have been asked a lot of times what toothbrush I recommend and I always say that it’s really not the toothbrush that you use but how often you use and whether or not you are using it properly.

That being said, our dental office has been selling Sonicare toothbrushes for years because we have seen how effective they are and we know they work in cleaning teeth. You can a watch a video on how a Sonicare toothbrush compares to a normal toothbrush and see the difference.


Did you know Dr. Reese also can perform oral surgery in-office with IV sedation?

That’s right. Indianapolis Dentistry, led by Dr. Ted Reese, offers not only traditional oral surgery procedures, tooth extractions, and surgical removal of wisdom teeth, but also offers oral and dental surgery not offered in most oral surgery clinics. What you accomplish with multiple visits to different dentists and centers you can accomplish in one with us! We do oral surgery procedures with IV sedation. Contact us at 317-882-0228 for any inquiries.