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The Importance of Mouthguards

November 7, 2012

Do you spend your weekends driving your family to and from sports lessons or game tournaments? If you've got an active child or teen, we wanted to let you know about the importance of mouthguards to protect your child's developing smiles.

The mouthguard is a safety device that can help name of child protect his/her teeth during sports or recreational activities like skating or cycling. The mouthguard cushions blows that would otherwise break teeth, injure the lips and face, and sometimes even fracture the jaw.

We can create a special mouthguard for your child that will provide comfort and proper fit. This device will be designed and constructed in our dental office.

Although custom-made mouthguards may be more expensive than standard mouthguards purchased in stores, you'll find that their exceptional fit, comfort and overall quality make them worth it. A custom-made mouthguard stays in the mouth and causes minimal interference with speech and breathing.

The sooner we fit a mouthguard, the safer your child's smile will be. Our goal is to provide the best quality preventive dental care for your family in the Indianapolis area. Please call our office at 317-882-0228 to set up an appointment.