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'Four Doctors in One' Indianapolis Dentist

January 12, 2015

"A few years ago I was having problems with a tooth and it had been an intermittent off-and-on problem. I had talked to my family dentist about it. He had x-rayed and hadn’t really found a problem with the tooth.

Over time it just seemed to get aggravated and finally he sent me to an oral surgeon and had the oral surgeon look at the tooth thinking maybe there was a problem with it that the oral surgeon could deal with.

The oral surgeon didn’t really find anything, but then he thought it was probably more an issue with the nerves of the tooth and recommended that I see an endodontist.

So I went from the oral surgeon to the endodontist thinking I needed a root canal on the tooth and the endodontist looked at the tooth, checked the tooth and said, ‘No, the tooth was in really good shape. He didn’t think there was a problem with the nerves. However he thought there might be a periodontal issue, something more in the gum tissue.

And so then he sent me to a periodontist. After seeing the periodontist, she explained to me that the problem wasn’t a gum tissue problem at all, it was actually a fractured root in the tooth and unfortunately it wasn’t anything she could treat either. She was going to have to have me sent to an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted.

So after four visits to four different places I ended up back at the oral surgeon’s office and had to have the tooth taken out. The whole issue with this it would have been so nice at the time to have been able to go to just one doctor; to be able to have the diagnosis - the problem solved - whether it was a periodontic issue, an extraction issue, or an endodontic root canal issue.

It would have been great to have a doctor like Dr. Reese who could have done any of those services all in one office. I think in the future, I can say that I am really glad I have found Dr. Reese and I can have any of those services done here by one doctor." -Cindy

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