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Enhance Your Health and Boost Your Defenses

March 17, 2020
Photo of the earth and the ozone

In light of the viral threat that is being felt around the country, Dr. Reese is making available an Integrative/Holistic remedy for your health and well-being.  

This Immune Boost is a concentrated dose of 12.5gms of Vitamin C administered over 30-40 minutes intravenously with 3ml of Vitamin B-complex vitamins.

While this is infusing an ozone/ozonated insufflation therapy delivered by a simple nasal cannula will combat bacteria, fungus and virus threats.

This Immune Boost is recommended to support and promote faster healing during any cold and flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, reduce oxidative stress, protect against free radicals, boost immune system and lessen general fatigue, skin complexion, jet-lag and more.

photo of an ozone particle

Ozone Nasal Insufflation is a medical grade ozone therapy used for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, yeast and protozoa and stimulate the immune system to speed up healing any airborne threat.

We must limit this treatment to existing patients of record.