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Dentures Pros and Cons

February 19, 2013

Considering Dentures for the First Time? Most people don't set out to get dentures, but due to genetics, poor hygiene, or various life experiences some people find themselves exploring dentures as one of their dental treatment options. While each person's dental health varies, the choices for missing teeth or tooth decay range from crowns to bridges to dentures to dental implants. Each type of treatment has it's own set of pros and cons, but this article focuses on the pros and cons of dentures:


  • Increased ability to chew and eat
  • Less expensive than implants
  • Immediate improvement in appearance


  • Teeth may have to be pulled
  • May experience bone loss
  • Less permanent than implants
  • May experience gagging reaction
  • Can slip out while coughing or eating
  • May cause gum irritation or sores
  • Requires regular maintenance and cleaning

While the decision on whether or not to get dentures, crowns, or implants is important, of equal importance is your choice in dentist. Your dentist can not only help you make a well-thought out and careful decision, but also instill confidence in your decision all while showing compassion and comfort throughout the entire process. Look for someone who has many years of experience, someone who can show you before and after pictures of previous work, and get a good feel for their bedside manner. You must feel comfortable with the dentist and their staff in order to feel comfortable with your decision. Look for a caring and competent staff, one that reflects the dentist and his or her experience.