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Same Day Dentures

November 12, 2013

Sometimes known as temporary dentures, same day dentures are also called immediate dentures. They are prepared and created before the patient’s natural teeth are removed.  After extraction, a pre-fabricated denture is inserted in the original tooth socket. Same day dentures are based on the impression taken by your dentist before tooth removal. Teeth replacement often takes time, especially if teeth problems are extensive. Patients would need to go back several times to be able to complete a procedure. It takes time to get dentures and implants ready. This is where same day dentures come to the rescue – you can go out of the dental clinic wearing new teeth! Getting immediate dentures after extraction is such great news for patients, especially those who have obvious teeth gaps or missing teeth.

Advantages of Wearing Same Day Dentures

Same Day Dentures

Same Day Dentures

  • The biggest advantage of same day dentures is speed you can get them. You are able to wear them right after tooth extraction! Not all people would want to other people to know they have dentures. This type of dentures will help them continue with their normal daily activities.
  • It acts like a bandage reducing bleeding after tooth extraction. It holds and protects tissues together after extraction, promoting faster healing.
  • If you still need to have teeth extractions while waiting for dentures or implants to get completed, same day dentures are a great and worthwhile investment. You can have a full set of teeth even after extraction!

Dentists and dental services will always strive to help you keep your teeth for life. Unfortunately, even with good care, you might eventually need to replace some of your teeth, and for you that might mean dentures. Tooth loss can have physical and emotional impacts. You might feel less confident about yourself and feel self-conscious especially when eating, smiling or talking.

Dentures vs Dental Implants

Fortunately, there are ways to help you gain that confidence back. Technology advancements give people options between getting dental implants or dentures, depending on the need, recommendation of the dentist and personal preference. Read more about find your best tooth replacement options.

If you have gaps on your teeth, getting dental implants might be a better option because your dentist doesn’t need to drill adjacent teeth for bridges.  Dentures are commonly applied and recommended to older people, but Dr. Reese may have more options for you.

Teeth Replacement Options by Dr. Reese

A common misconception is that once you wear dentures, you can wear them for a lifetime already. As a person ages, gums and bones along the jaw will also change, they usually shrink. The fit of one’s dentures will no longer be a perfect fit and this is where you need to have it replaced.

Regardless of the tooth replacement method you will undergo, Indianapolis dentist Dr. Ted Reese, an accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and fellow and former president of the Midwest Implant Institute, will make sure that your teeth will look as natural as possible to bring your confident smile back.

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