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Cosmetic Dentistry for Business Professionals Before and After - a Case Study With Cynthia

October 6, 2019

Cosmetic Dentistry for Business Professionals

Before and After - A Case Study with Cynthia

Cynthia had a dilemma very common to many successful and busy professionals. Despite her many accomplishments in life, she always struggled with her fear of dental care. Cynthia wanted desperately to achieve a smile she could be proud of and one that would present herself well in the work setting.

Our dental offices’ ability to offer IV sedation along with multispecialty care allowed her to receive gum therapy, decay restoration, and cosmetic dentistry all within 3 visits accomplished huge changes in her smile, confidence, and healthiness of her mouth and body.



Original conditions had crowding, spacing, staining, unevenness and various shades/colors of teeth due to prior dental restorations and natural teeth misalignment.




Her final treatment reveals a seemingly natural and beautiful smile as if she’d had it all her life.

Indianapolis Dentistry can help you achieve the same or similar results. Financing options are available for when care that exceeds insurance benefits. The benefits can last a lifetime and provide years of pride.