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The Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling for Oral Health

September 2, 2013

Coconut oil pulling is kind of like using coconut oil as a mouthwash for the purpose of reducing plaque and the bacteria on your teeth. Swishing the oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes attracts and binds the bacteria, toxins, and parasites to the oil, which is then spit out at the end of the pulling process. Coconut oil pulling also helps re-mineralize and whiten your teeth while thoroughly cleansing the gums. While it cannot cure gingivitis, it can treat it by reducing the bacteria in your mouth that causes the inflammation of the gums in the first place.

Oil pulling has been used for thousands of years as an Ayurvedic Indian folk remedy and traditionally, Indian oil pullers have used virgin sesame or sunflower oil, but we prefer to use raw coconut oil as it has a nicer taste and has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and enzymatic properties. This provides the added benefit of killing any unwanted bacteria that may be residing in the mouth, while leaving behind healthy probiotic strains that a typical chlorhexidine mouth rinse might remove. You can read about a recent probiotic vs chlorhexidine mouth rinse study.


We recommend a raw, extra-virgin coconut oil like Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil because the more pure the coconut oil is, the more toxins it can pull from your mouth during the pulling process. Place 1 full tablespoon of coconut oil into the mouth (if it’s cold, allow the oil to melt) and then push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, and allow it to touch every part of your mouth except your throat. Do not gargle the oil as it is now considered toxic and could further infect your throat. Spit it into the trash or toilet rather than the sink as the oil could clog your sink drain over time. If this interests you, read more about Holistic Dentistry.