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Benefits of Laser Dentistry

June 15, 2012

Recently, the Indianapolis Center for Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry has implemented laser dentistry into it's repertoire of procedures. Laser dentistry is able to provide our patients with a painless dental experience. There are several benefits to using this sort of work as opposed to other procedures such as drill and needle dentistry. Not only does it typically prevent the patient from feeling any actual pain during the course of the work, but it also makes the actual experience more pleasant for both dentist and patient. Laser dentistry also has several medical advantages. Certain procedures can be done without the later need for sutures/stitches. Also, several surgeries can be completed without the use of a local anesthesia. The laser operates through a high-energy light beam which can encourage coagulation and sterilize the specific area being localized. Aside from this, wounds are often able to heal faster and the surrounding tissue can regenerate after a laser treatment. While lasers still remain a cutting-edge technology in the dental world, Dr. Reese feels completely comfortable using the tool and does so on a daily basis. If you are frightened by the use of needles and drills during your appointment, it would definitely help relax your experience with us if you switched to laser dentistry. If you have any questions, you can learn more about the actual procedure and laser by clicking on the Laser Dentistry.

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