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Avoid Advil/Ibuprofen with the Coronavirus

March 24, 2020

As reported from the University of Vienna.

They’ve studied why there is so much mortality in Italy due to corona virus and they found that they all took Advil/ibuprofen to control fever.  It is thought the ibuprofen is increasing the rate of multiplication of the virus.  If you have a fever DO NOT take Advil/ibuprofen take Tylenol or paracetamol only!!!  The Advil addition is showing to make the virus 10x worse and kickstarts the virus into pneumonia.   The virus has just been shown to enter the lung alveolar cell through the ECAII receptor.  When it binds, it will express it and kill the follicular cell. Men have more receptors than woman, Asians have more than Caucasian and people taking anithypertensive drugs such as anti ECA and especially Anti-ECAII have violent receptor over-expression and are therefore more susceptible to infection and more serious infection.  

So once again avoid Advil type drugs during this crisis whether you have symptoms of flu or not.