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A Perfect Smile

June 8, 2012

A patient describes how it felt to get ceramic braces at Indianapolis Dentistry:

When my dad told me that I was going to have to get braces, I whined and begged and pleaded with him not to put that mechanism of torture into my mouth! Expecting the worst, I imagined painful cuts from the wires, awful headaches, soreness, and food cravings for candy and other sweets that can't be satisfied! Considering I have what has to be the biggest sweet tooth in the world, it's fortunate for me that my dad is none other than Ted Reese! Anyways after months of my finding excuses to keep me from getting braces, my dad was finally able to drag me into the office. I expected the procedure to take hours and hours, but to my surprise it only took about 45 minutes! And a painless 45 minutes at that.

After the procedure I begin to dread looking into the mirror thinking that I will open my mouth and see that a robot has attacked my teeth. After a few long seconds, I slowly smile. My dad has been generous enough to install the new ceramic braces. So instead of having metal, clanky brackets, the ones I have are clear. The only part of the braces that are visible from a short distance is the wire! "Alright, this won't be so bad." I think to myself. One year later, I'm back in the office to get these braces off. However, I'm a little worried. There has to be a catch. If the first procedure went so well, the second one cannot be as perfect. It just doesn't work that way, right? Wrong! Dr. Reese had two of the brackets off before I even knew he had started! As I head off to college in the fall, I know I will have one of the best smiles on campus. Thanks, Dr. Reese!

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