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A Beautiful Smile, A Beautiful You

January 9, 2013

A great smile makes all the difference to a person's confidence and overall health - and now there is little reason not to go for it. With financing options like Care Credit and pain-free options like Snap-On smile there are many different paths that all lead to a more attractive and healthy smile.

Here are 10 things you can do to improve your smile

  • Brush your teeth regularly - I know it sounds like advice you already know, but you still have to do it. You can't rely on your dentist to take care of your teeth for you all of the time, you have to take ownership of your oral health and brush even when you don't feel like doing it.
  • Floss - this is the thing you dread getting asked whenever you go to the hygienist, but think about what it would be like to go in and report you've been flossing every day? And once you start your mouth will feel less clean if you stop.
  • Regular hygiene visits - oral health is more than just a cleaning. It's an opportunity to catch and prevent disease. Imagine if you could go back in time and tell yourself to keep better care of yourself and then start doing that now!
  • Teeth whitening - teeth change color over time. It's not your fault. Lots of things can cause it. The good news is that it's also relatively easy to correct. Get a younger looking, whiter smile with teeth whitening trays.
  • Snap-On Smiles - for a quick and painless smile makeover, consider Snap-On smiles which totally cover your teeth giving the impression of a great new smile. They are removable and do not affect your existing teeth.
  • Veneers - while more intrusive than Snap-On smiles they have a similar, but more permanent results. They are applied to teeth similarly to how acrylic nails are applied to fingernails and the change can be quite dramatic.
  • Braces - orthodontics not only straighten your teeth and improve your bite, they also improve your smile. There is something to be said for straight teeth, which can make such a strong first impression.
  • Invisalign - while clear aligners like Invisalign are similar in function to traditional braces, they are less painful and obtrusive. For the most part they are clear and can help align teeth as well as braces in most cases.
  • Gum contouring - sometimes all it takes to reveal your best smile is a cosmetic adjustment to the gum line. There is a clear aesthetic difference to be had when the proportion of tooth to gums is changed.
  • Dental implants - if you currently wear dentures, are missing teeth, have a bridge installed, or are wearing a flipper, dental implants may improve not only your overall smile, but also your quality of living. They are less maintenance and allow normal chewing.

In 2012 the term "you only live once" or YOLO was a popular term, but we liked to say, "you only have one mouth," and what we mean by that is that you should take care of your mouth because its the only one you have. It's how you eat, breathe, and communicate with others. There are so many reasons to take the best care of your mouth and so many ways to do that.

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